Transgender child Discrimination Case

Recently in Colorado a young child named Coy Mathias, who is biologically MALE, identifies as a GIRL. As soon as her parents decided that she is a GIRL they went to her school and told them from now on the child will be considered FEMALE opposed to MALE. Also she will be wearing clothing appropriate for a FEMALE. The school afterwards agreed. After about a year the parents were told that the young GIRL they all got used to will no longer be able to use the Girls’ restroom and instead use gender neutral restroom in the health room. They said that soon Coy’s body will be changing and that her MALE parts will cause issue wit hthe rest of the families at the school. Honesly i understand BOTH sides of the argument since on one hand although she is identified as a girl will grow up with MALE and NON-FEmALE genitals but on the other the girl is very young and knows that she is FEMALE at heart.

What do YOU THINK about the situation?


After watching Mysteries of Life with Tim and Moby on BrainPOP i discovered what carbs really are and how they affect you. Carbs are a type of NUTRIENT. Things that are used for energy and working cell function. Your body uses cargs to store the good energy and use it too. the two big ones are simple and complex carbohyrates. Glucose is the most simple carb. You should avoid carbs that break into glucose easily and go for other foods that go slower into glucose. The make blood pressure go up and cause weight gain and diabetes and also heart disease. Cutting out carbs if not the best idea. it can hurt you in the long run.

Obesity Facts

1 out of 3 of all children(which doesn’t sound like a lot but the multiplier effect enlarges greatly comparing to the number of kids in the U.S.) are at risk of being obese in the U.S. 2 out of 3 adults are themselves overweight or obese In a lot of these cases these people are struggling with heart, no not the type where its hard to find love lol) and artery disease and complications. TO BE CONTINUED…


In the last forty years as i was reading the infographic i found out that calorie intake has greatly increased and the quantities and sizes of fast-food has also increased. A documentary called Super Size Me ended up proving the point that fast food in big sizes and quantities can have a long term affect on your weight and health issues . Some can even cause death.

Some thoughts…

My life is beginning to get crappy as of late. I mean we all have our issues and i don’t know if it’s a “phase” but i’ve been feeling really bad about myself…. i haven’t been feeling suicidal but i have been feeling lower than ever. I just don’t understand why i feel like this i mean okay im short,smart,unattractive, uncool,not rich and don’t have many friends so i guess iknow why i feel like crap. I hate how many flaws i have. I wish i had someone to lean on.


If my life was a animal it would be a porcuPINE



Hey guys it’s Roy. I have a distinctive question here that has been on my mind… What are the PROS of Marijuana(WEED)????

Almost everyday there is another person i know telling me weed is bad don’t do it BUT WHY? I always hear the cons.. you know paranoia, drowsiness, unsafe sexual encounters because of a more sexual state.

But what are the PROS of marijuana?????? Please nobody says the pros comment and let me know

make my own invention

1). A day in the Life of a person that is addicted to marijuana is not that good. They constantly are looking for anything to get a high. These people usually spend most of their money on these drugs. They sometimes get dissoriented, red eyed, the munchies, frightened. These are just some of the side affects.

2.) i dont’t think these people are villans or good there just people that made the wrong choices and they shouldn’t be treated bad but should be helped.!!!!

3.) This problem affects the consumers as well as the surrounding people. The consumers suffer from an addiction that consumes their lives. Some people say marijuana does nothing and causes no harm. THIS IS JUST A MYTH!!!! Many people realize to late that this addiction causes you to lose your ability to pay attention and be fully aware.


So this mothers day after a long day celebrated with the moms of my family i went to go skating. On this day i influenced several people to convert to skateboarding instead of scootering. Since that day i have learned several tricks and also have had my best friend who said he would never try it actually say he’s getting fond of it. Several days later a friend of mine cursed me out and stopped being my friend because i “converted” his only other scooter friend which he also did to me in the past.



Number 3 advice collumn

Look u dont hav to show your password its yours even if u think u will lose ur girlfriend its okay she will understand to be honest i will never give my password especially if ur a person like me with the same password on everything tell her if it means breaking up she never really cared about you in the first place